As a recent graduate, it is not always easy to transition into the job market as I have found out. I worked through college to pay for college in a job that was unrelated to my major so I do not have any real experience in my field besides tutoring in labs for a quarter. I am still confident that I can find a job and career that allows me to do what I enjoy.

I enjoy solving problems relating to programming applications and designing websites. I want to find a job that will help me do what I enjoy while solving problems for other people as well. Every project that I have been very engaged in was solving specific problems for myself or others. I created a program in C++ that changes the file name of pictures so that it can be read by my Nikon camera. I am always looking for a new problem to solve.

I also enjoy writing scripts for automation and starting certain types of popular projects. I have made a Node.js project that creates a basic HTML template and C++ projects that create the template for creating WordPress Plugins and Themes.

While my main goal is to find a job, I would like to find a career in which I can help solve problems using my growing knowledge of programming.

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